Forestry Entails Specialist Knowledge

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This is a long-term industry. While many agricultural valuations are based on relatively short-term production periods, trees are typically managed in 5- to 25-year cycles. In-depth knowledge is essential for forestry projects to be accurately assessed and to ultimately succeed. Standard agricultural valuation companies and in-house accountants simply don’t have this knowledge or experience. You’ll be investing in the dark. And nothing valuable grows in the dark…

Here’s what Andrew De Fine of Rand Merchant Bank had to say about Arbor Care’s involvement in a sizeable York Timbers deal he was brokering:

“Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge – that’s what Arbor-Care brought to the deal. They possessed the ability to analyse the collateral with understanding, taking all the factors into account that make an impact on the calculations of the net standing value of the tree assets.”

Our role starts with assessment, feasibility studies, tactical planning, budgeting etc. Then the hard work begins, the manual side of any agricultural project: the building of infrastructure including roads and staff accommodation, clearing of land, preparation of the soil. We are there all the way through to the final stages of any plantation or agricultural project’s lifespan – many years down the line.


We are extremely experienced in land clearing and preparation, establishing and regeneration, weed and pest control, fire prevention and control, technical and operational planning, mapping, harvesting. We have been doing this for almost three decades…

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Collateral Monitoring

We are currently working with a number of clients across Sub-Saharan Africa. Collateral monitoring includes the supplying of standing timber valuation reports, assessments of such vital factors as fire management practices, thinning, planting, compliance with forest certification requirements and more.

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Forestry & Agricultural Project Management

We specialise in all planting, growing, protection and exploitation requirements. We also cover the following services: Planning and control, Administration, Financial, Staff matters, Contractors and External consultants.

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Forestry & Agricultural Project Management

Property Management

Arbor-Care will manage and be responsible for all planning, operational, innovation, marketing and strategic aspects of running the business of managing the asset.

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Why We Are Different?

At Arbor-Care, we don’t do anything long distance. Before we accept any contract, we visit and see for ourselves what is involved to ensure that our estimates and advice are 100% accurate, based on facts and hands-on observation and in-field research. We have in-depth knowledge of plantation forestry and numerous other agricultural sectors, based on almost thirty years of operations across sub-Saharan Africa.

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