Collateral Monitoring

We are currently working with a number of clients across Sub-Saharan Africa. Collateral monitoring includes the supplying of standing timber valuation reports, assessments of such vital factors as fire management practices, thinning, planting, compliance with forest certification requirements and more.
Typical forest Collateral Monitoring activities would include the monitoring and validation of:
  • Standing timber valuation reports
  • Fire management practices
  • Fire fighting plans
  • Auditing of fire breaks
  • Review of fire management practices
  • Fire-fighting inventory audit
  • Silviculture practices
  • Felling programme
  • Thinning programme
  • Planting operations
  • Timber security
  • Monitor any required corrective actions
  • Monitor company management and management information systems
  • BOP
  • Environmental practices including adherence to the FSC and SHEQ policies
  • Monitor adherence to felling programmes
  • Monitor actual timber yields vs. expected yields
  • Monitor timber deliveries and sales
  • Monitor marking for thinning
  • Quality of thinning
  • Monitor actual operations vs. planned operations
  • Monitor planting quality
  • Monitor (timber) anti-theft measures & procedures

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