Property Management

Arbor-Care will manage and be responsible for all planning, operational, innovation, marketing and strategic aspects of running the business of managing the asset.
  1. Arbor-Care can be contracted to manage the entire land assets (owned and leased).
  2. Arbor-Care is ultimately responsible for the state and condition of the property/asset.
  3. Arbor-Care will manage and be responsible for all planning, operational, innovation, marketing and strategic aspects of running the business of managing the asset.
  4. Arbor-Care will employ and deploy competent staff in all aspects of plantation management, naturally deploying stronger resources to advance the strategic objectives of the client with regards to the asset.
  5. Not limited to the following, Arbor-Care would be responsible for:
    1. Maintaining and building relationships with neighbours and communities and be expected to interact with other forestry landowners to build and maintain good relations with the forestry industry in general.
    2. Stay current on forestry best practices.
    3. Write policy documents on key performance areas, to be vetted by the client, on critical topics such as silviculture, firefighting, harvesting, roads, conservation, marketing, logistics, contactor management, CSI, inventory control, vehicle preventative maintenance, planning, on site housing, etc.
    4. Maintain FSC status if certification is in place.
    5. Draw up APOs and yearly budgets, as well as month to month operational plans and month to month budget reporting.
    6. Manage all other aspects of the asset including but not limited to:
      1. Renting out of buildings.
      2. Hunting and fishing licences.
      3. FPA association membership and other professional associations in helping maintaining excellence.
      4. Draw up contracts and manage service providers, not limited to harvesting, road maintenance, silviculture, conservation, firefighting, enumerations.
      5. Find the best markets and structure uncomplicated deals and manage the entire stump to mill supply chain.
      6. Position the asset as an excellent example to the strategic objectives with the ultimate mission of creating value.
      7. Manage all aspects of mapping, up-dated aerial photogrammetric planning, delineation integrated with a system to counter roads (A,B,C), poor stocking incorporated into a system having outputs of inventory to calculate NSVs (critically important).
  6. Reporting: Arbor-Care will be responsible for:
    1. Management accounts
    2. Budget reporting year and month on month budget vs actual
    3. Maintaining up-dated compartment registers linked to up-dated mapping
    4. Operational plans
    5. Safety reporting on all aspects of the value chain linked to the asset
    6. Generating simple executive summary reports on all KPAs for monthly management meetings defining planned to executed and budget vs actual
  7. Statutory: Arbor-Care will be responsible for:
    1. Making sure all stakeholders are compliant to OSH, COIDA, FSC and any other regulatory standards imposed on forestry operations and from government.
  8. Performance:
    1. Arbor-Care will be measured against the execution of deliverables imposed by the strategic object from the client in conjunction with budget vs actual.
  9. General:
    1. Arbor-Care will manage the asset as if it were their own. Arbor-Care will manage the value chain in a professional manner, heavily geared around extracting performance from themselves in a management capacity and from all stakeholders involved. This performance will be associated with real and equitable fees paid to the stakeholders and Arbor-Care. Arbor-Care’s ultimate mission is to run a lean and mean business, delivering on their inherent management skills coupled with associating themselves with stakeholders that enhance their overall responsibilities, and achieving and exceeding the stretch strategic objectives required by the client. For this Arbor-Care earns a management fee.

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