Why We Are Different?

At Arbor-Care, we don’t do anything long distance. Before we accept any contract, we visit and see for ourselves what is involved to ensure that our estimates and advice are 100% accurate, based on facts and hands-on observation and in-field research. We have in-depth knowledge of plantation forestry and numerous other agricultural sectors, based on almost thirty years of operations across sub-Saharan Africa.
We understand the importance of timing in any farming enterprise. Take too long to plant and you miss the wet season. Or the wet season arrives and your roads are flooded so nothing can be transported. Or the dry season arrives and everything shrivels up in the parched soil. It’s all about careful monitoring and accurate timing – something we are passionate about.Our IT systems are top-notch and play an important part in our accurate assessments and effective liaison with other parties and IT systems for shared data and knowledge.Most important, our team is committed to success – to the success of Arbor-Care, and of course the success of our clients’ projects. We’ve been doing it right for almost thirty years. Our track record is sound. So you can securely and confidently entrust us with your project’s growth.

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