While on a recent trip exploring forestry opportunities in Angola, the Arbor-care team came across local farmers who had formed a small-scale forestry initiative. Gum and pine plantations were being established, largely for the farmers’ own needs. There was an on-site mill owned by one farmer that he used to produce planks for building.The Arbor-care team was impressed by how the farmers, with no formal forestry training at all, had established firebreaks and carefully planted and nurtured naturally regenerated seedlings that they had picked growing from within the existing plantations. The farmers were very enthusiastic to learn what Arbor-care had to offer in the way of advice and technical guidance. Deon von Benecke of Arbor-care says, “Sharing knowledge is an important part of adding value where we can in an area such as this.”
Bed to grow seedlings in plastic pots
Tree farmers
Volunteer pine seedlings
Discussion on the need for weed control in eucalyptus